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Words from our Founder and Lead Instructor


If you are reading this it is safe to assume you are considering some type of firearms and/or self-defense training in the future.

Paramount Firearms Training instructs and challenges students of all skill levels and backgrounds. From highly seasoned military and law enforcement personnel, to private individuals that have little or no experience.

Regardless of who you are or where you come from, if you are wanting to increase your ability to protect yourself and your loved ones, or learn skills that will better prepare you for competitive shooting sports, Paramount Firearms Training has the training you have been looking forward for.

We will create a solid foundation of skills and abilities that you can build upon using realistic and practical training. We will always teach our students to master the fundamentals of a given subject.  It said it takes 1,000-2,500 repetitions to learn a skill and 10,000-25,000 PERFECT repetitions to become REFLEXIVE. In marksmanship, there are no “advanced shooting skills”, only a person’s ability to perform all of the Fundamentals of Shooting… while under stress. This simple but highly effective philosophy is used today by the world's premier special operations units as well as professional competitive shooters.

Paramount Firearms Training is a performance based company. It is our mission to ensure that each and every student is trained to that student’s satisfaction.  We consider it an honor and privilege to train with you.


Respectfully Yours,

Michael Henss